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Kenn Wildes offers Concert Piano tuning as well as Professional In Home Tuning and Repair.
Wildes Pianos Restoration includes the highest quality refinishing using the method and materials that Steinway uses, a lacquer finish philosophy. In addition we offer a full list of restoration options, including restringing and belly rebuilding, as well as action rebuilding and complete regulation.

Services Summary:

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  In Home Tuning and Repair:

Kenn is available for in home tuning maintenance, as this takes up much of his time and focus. His service fee includes "extra general service", which he defines as simple cleaning, small to medium pitch change, simple repairs adjustments, simple pedal adjustments. Most of the time pianos need more than just fine tuning, something small elsewhere in the piano, and this type of detail is what Kenn expects to include in his general tuning service.
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  Concert Tuning and Voicing:

Dependable and stable tuning for concert and performance use is a skill which takes much time to perfect. In addition, voicing work is equally important, keeping the tone of each key even with its neighbors, as well as setting the overall level of power and clarity carefully in each section of the piano, and most critically in the melody range.
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  Action Regulation:

The goal of a good regulation is make an action feel even, accurate, and essentially "feels right". Kenn is a classical pianist for over 40 years, and he highly skilled in the art of action regulation, focusing largely on diagnosis and prioritization of work needed, and offering complete concert regulation when appropriate. As one very happy classical pianist customer of Kenn's said, after having regulated both his Steinway and Mason Hamlin grand pianos: "I have come to realize that a well regulated piano is essential for my development as a pianist".
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Refinishing includes complete stripping of the old finish, repairs as needed, grain filling if chosen, careful color choice and staining, then multiple layers of finish applied with hand rubbing in between each. Finally all parts are carefully assembled with new felts, buttons, knobs, metal polished or replated.
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Restringing a piano includes all new strings including custom made bass strings, new stringing felts for the harp, new damper felts, refinished damper blocks, and dressing the bridges as needed.
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  Belly Restoration:

The "belly" work on the piano includes careful refinishing of the harp and soundboard if chosen, repairs on the soundboard and bridges if needed, and replacement of the bridges, pinblock, and soundboard if needed. Our general philosophy is to keep the old soundboard if possible, making sure it still has crown and tone. Otherwise, we work with local professionals for new soundboard installation if the need arises
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  Action Rebuilding:

Action rebuilding includes replacing the actual moving parts in the action of the piano. These are the hammers, shanks, flanges, and whippens. We take special care to help the customer consider what is actually needed in this process. We call it "Custom Restoration", because we believe there is no need to "fix something if it isn't broken." Many times old parts on pianos still have plenty of useful life left in them, but communication about the options with the owner of the piano is of utmost importance in making these decisions.
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  Keyboard Restoration:

Options for restoring the keyboard include refelting the keyframe and rebushing the keys, which I define in total as "refelting the keyboard". Ivory Restoration is a recommended option when possible, which includes replacing missing ivories, filling chips in the ivories, and sanding, buffing, spacing and leveling them. Also we can replace the keytops with synthetic choices, or we offer new ivories or bone or mineral keytops, plus new real ebony wood sharps.
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  High Quality Materials:

Wildes Pianos uses the highest quality materials during our restoration. We offer German Renner or Steinway action parts, Renner or Abel or Ronson or Steinway hammers, highest quality keyboard and action felts, German tuning pins and steel strings, Mapes Bass Strings (makers for Steinway), Steinway finish style lacquer and finish materials, Maple pinblock and bridge material, hand-made soundboards by Pacific Northwest local experts using highest quality spruce.
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  Touch Up and Repair:

This category of work includes repairing any damage on the case of a piano other than full refinishing. This work is extremely valuable in homes, showrooms, public venues, and performance settings, because attending to the specific area needing repair is essentially simple work compared with the complex and lengthy process of refinishing.
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  Assist In Buying Pianos:

Piano Buying Assistance Offer: I have a simple package offer to assist with buying a piano, for almost no cost other than tuning the piano after purchase. Please contact me for this information. I am fully available to help with the entire process of buying a piano, including helping to locate the piano, as well as review pianos on the internet by phone and email, and also to go to see a piano to make sure about its condition.
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  Assist In Selling Pianos:

Piano Selling Assistance Offer: Please contact me for the specifics. I know the local market extremely well, and I know what it takes to sell a piano, both in terms of value as well as presentation. I can offer advice about consignment issues with dealers, as well as options to assist one in selling from the home. Please contact me for my offer in these areas.
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  Insurance Coverage:

Sometimes disasters happen. Homeowners, insurance loss professionals, and institutional directors who have suffered piano damage by water, fire, smoke, soot, accident, or vandalism can contact Wildes Pianos for needed piano cleaning, repair, refinishing, and restoration services. Wildes Pianos offers complete piano appraisal services including piano loss evaluation. An estimation can be made of the cost of repairs as compared to piano value and replacement cost. We offer quick appraisal and estimate, including pick up, storage, and timely work as appropriate. Wildes Pianos is an expert and highly experienced in regards to handling issues, whether they be small or large. Most commonly, smoke damage is a critical issue, and addressing any and all issues regarding smell from a fire is our expertise.
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  Donate Your Piano:

I lived in Kenya, Africa for 5 years, and trained several technicians, each of whom has his own business now. My own business there I gave to my final student, who has done extremely well with it since then. I send containers of 40 donated pianos to him, where he restores and sells them. Please contact me if you are interested in donating your piano to this project. Keep in mind that I only collect pianos for about one month before we load the next container. Our goal is 2 containers per year. We have already sent about 300 pianos through this project. See our site www.kenyapianoproject.com
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