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Henry F. Miller

Sold Henry F Miller.jpg

Sold to a family in South Seattle with aspiring young pianists wanting the "hard to find" Ebony Satin finish.

Steinway B Grand Piano

Steinway B Sold.jpg

This Steinway B has found a new home at a music lounge in Seattle where it will be well cared for and loved.

Steinway Model "A"

Sold Steinway A.jpg

Sold to an aspiring young man in Seattle, intending to leave his techie existence and focus on playing piano.

Samick Baby Grand

FS Samick Grand.jpg

Sold to a family in Everett with aspiring young children studying piano.

Bush and Lane Upright


Sold to a family in Kirkland with children studying piano who wanted a high quality upright.

Sohmer Ebony with wood accents'

Sold Sohmer Wood accents.jpg

Sold to a couple living in Puyallup who fell in love with this unique baby grand.


Jewett Sold.jpg  
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