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Complete Restoration is a comprehensive term which means fully attending to all of the different aspects of the piano. Partial Restoration means choosing the areas of work which are needed and leaving the areas which are fine alone, or with simple maintenance. We specialize in identifying and attending to the work needed, and giving full information about all aspects of the piano so that one can make an educated decision.
At no initial cost, Kenn Wildes comes to see the piano and talk about all aspects of it with the owner, showing the condition of each section of the piano, and explaining repair or restoration options and their costs. Most often people want to focus on certain areas of the piano, and not on others. Kenn prefers to tune a piano if it is far out of tune, as this is an excellent way to assess the condition of many aspects of a piano. This is done at no initial charge, and if restoration is undertaken this initial tuning is simply included as part of the free estimate. If no restoration is undertaken after one or two months, this tuning is billed at normal rate.
After a day or two Kenn emails an initial estimate to the owner, detailing all required work and this lowest total cost, and then mentions the add-on optional tasks, along with their costs. The owner of the piano takes time and decides what they want to do, and Kenn revises the estimate into a final invoice. A timeline is set and agreed to on the invoice, moving is coordinated with our movers, and once a deposit is paid, work begins.
During the restoration, we encourage the piano owner to visit our workshop and see the piano in progress. We especially request this when there is a color choice involved. We also prefer that one sees a piano before final delivery, to ensure that all aspects of the piano are to the liking of the owner. However this is more or less important depending on the type of restoration that was undertaken. Our workshop is located in the South Seattle area.
Once the piano is delivered, a free in-home tuning by Kenn is always included, as well as checking over the regulation and voicing in the home environment or final location. A 5 year guarantee accompanies all restoration work done by Wildes Pianos. I have a 100% satisfaction rate with our restoration work that we have done here in the Seattle area.